Join Metro’s community education and stewardship team for an outdoor program. We believe that connection to land promotes joy and wellbeing and nurtures a sense of belonging, reciprocity and generosity. The nature activities offered by Metro’s community education and stewardship team are designed be collaborative, safe and welcoming. The team is also available to co-create custom group programs. We support Metro’s commitment to racial equity by co-creating and delivering programs with an antiracist, decolonized, and environmental justice lens.

All programs occur outdoors (rain or shine). Depending on the activity, we may walk in varying terrain approximately 1.5 miles in total. Stewardship programs may involve more physical activities such as bending, kneeling, stooping or working with tools for digging and planting. All tools and materials will be provided and sanitized between uses by staff.

Questions or concerns? Reach the team at 503-220-2782 or email

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